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More You Need To Know About Our New Launch Airdots 101

More You Need To Know About Our New Launch Airdots 101, Everything you need to know about Airdots 101 will be found here. Because one blog for this high-tech gadget is a bit unfair.


And the customer’s concerns need to be addressed as purchasing something without attaining complete information is just foolishness.

So let's lay out all your concerns, straight on the table.

Can Airdots 101 Be Connected To All Android Devices?

The answer is yes.

This device offers Bluetooth version 5.3, which enables the device to be connected with all Android and Apple devices as well.

This piece of high-tech gadget is highly versatile and compatible that will not cause any trouble in paining up.

Airdots 101 New Feature "Touch Control" Is Not Only Meant To Help You Attend Calls

The touch sensors not only provide the convenience of attending calls but you can pause your audio, and replay and forward it as well.

You can even hang up the calls, and you can mute your call with just one touch.

Not only that, but you can adjust the volume of your audio as well.

It only requires one touch to let you have complete control over the gadget.

Convenience delivered on your tap. 


To conclude, Airdots 101 are universally compatible in terms of pairing up.

Meaning that they can be connected to Android and Apple devices as well.

And the sensors present at the tip, do not only help you to attend the calls but it hangs up the calls along with muting the call, replaying and forwarding the audio, and adjusting the volume.

All these features are available with just one tap command of yours.

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