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Dany Monster 4G Ultra Tablet
Dany Monster 4G Ultra Tablet
Rs.28,500 Rs.19,999
Save Rs. 8501
Monster 4G Ultra Tablet - Black
Dany Monster 4G Ultra Tablet
Rs.28,500 Rs.19,999


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Signature S Eight Tablet, Unleash your passion with Dany ...
Signature S Eight Tablet, U...
Rs.39,000 Rs.29,999
Save Rs. 9001
Signature S Eight Tablet (64GB Storage + 4GB RAM) Octa-Core Processor
Signature S Eight Tablet, Unleash your passion with Dany Signature S8 tablet. Signature S8 has improved touch and innovative design that will let you operate this tablet according to your comfort with 8” Display. Signature S8 has been made with...
Rs.39,000 Rs.29,999

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Monster 4G Tablet: Monster 4G LTE, Dany is always been pr...
Monster 4G Tablet: Monster ...
Rs.20,900 Rs.19,900
Save Rs. 1000
Monster 4G Tablet LTE (7inch Quad Core 2GB RAM + 16GB Storage)
Monster 4G Tablet: Monster 4G LTE, Dany is always been providing their customers innovative and updated technological devices. They always care about their customer's need, so this time we are providing MONSTER 4G Tablet that is one of the best...
Rs.20,900 Rs.19,900
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Signature 4G (3GB RAM + 32GB Storage) Tablet Dany introdu...
Signature 4G (3GB RAM + 32G...
Rs.26,900 Rs.25,500
Save Rs. 1400
Signature 4G Tablet (3GB RAM + 32GB Storage)
Signature 4G (3GB RAM + 32GB Storage) Tablet Dany introduces Signature 4G tablet that is very outstanding product. Dany always came up with something new and innovative and has so many features in it. It is An educational tablet that...
Rs.26,900 Rs.25,500
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MAX 500 is a genius tablet which is an Android 7.0 Nougat...
MAX 500 is a genius tablet ...
Rs.14,900 Rs.14,000
Save Rs. 900
Genius Max5 Tablet 7" 16GB Storage + 1GB RAM Quad Core Processor
MAX 500 is a genius tablet which is an Android 7.0 Nougat with a smart and speedy quad-core processor that enables users to use multiple apps all at once as well as helps the user to stay updated efficiently. The...
Rs.14,900 Rs.14,000
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Dany brings the newest generation of Genius Tablet equipp...
Dany brings the newest gene...
MAX 500
Dany brings the newest generation of Genius Tablet equipped with the latest technology and specification. Following are the specifications of Genius Tablet: 7 Inches IPS ScreenIt's body is incredibly light in weight with a high-resolution. 3G SupportedYes Built in BluetoothBuilt in...

Tablet Price In Pakistan Under 15,000? With Dany Technologies, It’s Possible.

Tablet price in Pakistan under 15000? That's insane, right? And a little impossible too maybe? Well, Dany Technologies has been turning the impossible into possible over the past decade. From bringing new tech at low prices to TV devices & smartwatches, we've done much.

Oh well… “we’ve done much” .. does that sound like we’re about to get tired? Not by a long shot gentlemen! Indeed we’ve done much, but there’s much more to come. So with that being said, let’s start talking about tablets under 15000.

Tablet price in Pakistan under 15,000 is something like a piece of cake for Dany Technologies. If you visit our products collection, you'll be able to find, not one but TWO tablets within the 15000 range. And like that, we solve problems for our people.

Tablet Prices in Pakistan Under 15000 - Dany Max 500 & Dany Max 5.

If you're buying from Dany Technologies, you seldom have to worry about your budget. That's also why we believe that buying with Dany is not a usual experience. With us, you get budget-friendliness first and bang for the buck after the purchase.

Speaking of the bang for the buck… Dany Technologies offer Max 500 for Rs. 11000 only. It comes with a 7-Inch screen and 308 PPI. In addition, the back camera is 2MP while the front one is 1.5 MP. All in all, it’s an amazing choice for that range.

After Dany Max 500 is Dany Max 5 at a whopping rs.14,000. Dany Max 5 Tablet comes with a 7-inch screen, just like the Max Max 500. But there's no conversation of the performance comparison as Max 5 has 1GB RAM Quad Core Processor plus 16 GB storage.

Tablet Prices in Pakistan For 2023 & Tablets From Dany Technologies

Dany Technologies' inclusive tablet collection will make you scream. It's not even about under 15000 anymore. Talk about 17,000 and even 26,000, with Dany Technologies, you got your hands full of options.

For example, You can buy Monster 4G Tablet LTE if you're looking for tablets under 17,000. It comes with a 7-inch screen with 2GB RAM and 16 GB storage. In addition, it also has quad-core 2GB RAM.

After having said all of that, let us have you witness the inclusivity of the Dany Technologies Tablet collection. Spare a moment to see all the tablets and their specifications along with their prices below. 👇

  1. MAX 500 For Rs. 11,000: 7-Inch Screen & 308 PPI. 2MP Back Camera with 1.5 MP Front Camera.
  2. Dany Max 5 For Rs. 14,000: 7-Inch Screen, 1 GB RAM Quad Core Processor & 16 GB Storage.
  3. Dany Monster 4G Tablet For Rs. 16,900: 7-Inch Quad Core 2 GB RAM plus 16 GB Storage.
  4. Dany Signature 4G Tablet For Rs. 25,500: 10.1-Inch HD IPS Display Plus 31 GB Storage & 3GB RAM. The back Camera 8.0 MP & Front is 2.0 MP.
  5. Dany Signature S Eight Tablet For Rs. 25,500: 8-Inch IPS Display With An Octa Core Processor Plus 64 GB Storage & 4 GB RAM. The back Camera is 8 MP & The Front Camera is 5 MP.

I Have a Tablet Price Range of 10,000 To 15,000 in Pakistan. Is That Okay?

Usually, when you're on the lookout for a good tablet within that range, especially under 15,000, you can get quite a few options. But getting options is not the end goal. Instead, it's making the right choice. The end goal is to select a device that's more bounce to the ounce.

Meaning, the value you get should be greater than the amount of money you spent on the purchase. If you start filtering options-at-hand based on that criteria, you'll pretty quickly notice how quickly your options are shrinking.

So in this conversation of value-in-return in exchange for the money spent, Dany Technologies stand on the customer’s side. Meaning, every single tablet in our tablet collection is made with our customer’s budget in mind, and therefore, is a legit bounce for the ounce.

Let’s Wrap It Up…

It’s pretty amazing to see how many people are actually searching for good tablets under 15,000 and yet, all they find is a list of expensive devices that are almost as valuable as the money spent on them.

On the other hand, Dany Technologies offer two tablets within that budget. In just 14,000 and 11,000, you can get brand-new tablets. And the best part is that you don't even have to visit any store. You can just order it online!

So with us, you don’t have to worry about budget-friendliness or the amount of money you’re spending vs the value you reap in return. Whether you’re looking for tablets under 15,000 or 20,000, Dany Technologies has got you covered.

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