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Amaze AX-100 Android TV Box: Amaze Ax-100 is an android b...
Amaze AX-100 Android TV Box...
Rs.16,900 Rs.10,999
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Amaze Ax-100 Android TV Box
Amaze AX-100 Android TV Box: Amaze Ax-100 is an android box with quad core & 4k ultra HD. Everything looks better on the big screen, Enjoy Apps Skype chatting, Picasa, YouTube, flicker, Facebook etc. It runs on the latest android...
Rs.16,900 Rs.10,999

What’s The Best Android TV Box In Pakistan 2023? Discover The Specifications

Tired of watching Netflix on a 6-inch screen? Sounds like it’s time for you to buy the best android TV box in Pakistan. And it’s not only about watching Netflix, there’s a plethora of entertaining activities that an Android TV  can be used for.

If anything, Android TV seems to never run out of reasons why anyone would be interested in buying it at all. But, one of the things that concern people the most is the pricing of an Android TV – Just like all other pieces of technology, people want more discount on that.

Given that landscape, and given that you’re reading this blog post, we may dare to ask why you even have to bother. Dany Technologies is a place where you can buy the best android TV box in Pakistan for the most affordable prices that you’ll find!

Which Android Setup Box Is The Best?

A decent Android Setup Box lets users access features such as accessing the Google Playstore, using Google Assistant Support, Access to Streaming Services & watching movies online – and most of all, you can use it with or without the internet.

But with Amaze Ax-100 Android TV Box, you experience something different. With Amaze EX, you’re not watching a movie anymore, you’re living it. Amaze AX is a next-level immersive experience because it’s 4K Ultra HD.

Not only that, but it also has 4GB RAM, and 32GB Memory – letting it unleash the best performance you could experience in an Android Setup Box. In addition, it’s 9.0 Android for superior functionality.

What Is The Android Box In Pakistan?

Amaze Ax-100 Android TV Box is one of the best Android TV Box in Pakistan 2023. But why is it so? Is it just because of the features that it’s offering? Or is it because of the overall functionality? Or is it because of the value reaped in exchange for the money spent?

One of the most appropriate ways to define “Best” is experiencing the value and measuring the performance in exchange for the money spent. And in that context, Amaze Ax-10 Android TV Box is one of the best Android TV Box in Pakistan 2023.

Its 4K Ultra HD and 9.0 Android for Superior Functionality make it worth a buy for people who’re on the hunt for the best Android TV Box in Pakistan 2023. In the next section, we’re going to talk about how much it costs and why it makes it worth a buy.

Dany Technologies’ Amaze AX-100 Android TV Box Is The Best Android TV Box In Pakistan 2023. Here’s Why

Amaze Ax-100 by Dany Technologies lets you take a deep dive into the immersive experience. And it’s not a coincidence and nor is it a surprise, considering that it lets you watch your favorite movies in 4K Ultra HD.

And it’s not only about 4K Ultra HD and high clarity, but it’s also about the Amaze AX-100’s multifunctionality - considering that it has built-in WiFi and other features as well. So now the question is, how much does it cost?

Well, Pakistan, along with the world — is witnessing a peak in the prices of technology. Whether it’s a mobile device or an Android TV Box. But Dany Technologies is committed to offering affordable prices to its people – and that’s exactly why you can buy Amaze AX-100 for RS. 9,999 only.

Android TV Box 4GB RAM & 32 GB Memory Price in Pakistan 2023 – How Much Should Be Your Budget?

Let’s cut right to the chase. How much should be your budget for an Android TV Box with 4GB RAM & 32GB Memory? How much will it cost – or better put it this way: How much should you pay for an Android TV Box in 2023?

Let’s keep the discussion real. You can get smart android TV boxes for Rs. 5000, but they’ll just be limited to 2GB, 16GB, 4K Wifi, 3D, and the usual stuff. Plus, no one’s sure of their reliability. Now evaluate the whole situation and try to make sense of those Rs. 5000.

Even after that, the best you can get is Ultra HD Smart TV Box 4K for Rs. 10,999 - which is much more than Dany Technologies’s Amaze Ax-100 which offers you 4K Resolution, 4GB RAM, and 32GB Memory, 9.0 Android Superior Functionality, WiFi, & Much More, just for Rs. 9,999.

That’s A Wrap, Techies!

Dany Technologies Offer One Of The Best Android TV Box In Pakistan 2023 – and it goes by the name of Amaze Ax-100. It offers you an immersive experience that’ll make you a part of the movie itself, instead of letting you watch from a viewer’s Point of View.

The best part about that is you get to enjoy your favorite TV shows in 4K Resolution, plus, access to the internet to binge-watch Netflix and enjoy 4GB Ram along with 32GB Memory, all and beyond - just for Rs. 9,999.

Amaze Ax-100 is Rs. 1,000 cheaper than Android TV Boxes that you’ll find in the market, especially in 2023. Now compare that price with the list of features that you’re able to enjoy in exchange, and you’ll quickly get to know why it’s your money’s worth.

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