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How To Leverage The Key Features in Our Newly Launched Airdots 101

How To Leverage The Key Features in Our Newly Launched Airdots 101, This blog will briefly explain how features present in our newly launched products are beneficial to the user.


And how you will be in a total win-win situation if you purchase it.

Because the features present in Airdots 101 are not just traditional features offered by every earbud.

These new features offer comfort and convenience at an ultimate price to the user.

So let’s walk you through these convenient features and tell you exactly why are they convenient.

Features To Leverage in Airdots 101 

This is the list of features that are offered by Airdots 101:

  1. Touch sensors.
  2. Bluetooth version 5.3.
  3. Bluetooth ranges up to ten meters.
  4. Environmental noise cancellation.
  5. IPx4 water resistance.

But here, we will discuss only a few characteristics.

Pick Up The Call By Using Touch Control - Cut Out The Hassle Of Sliding Hands in Pockets 

Free yourself from the hassle of taking your phone out every second in order to pick up a call.

Now you can simply touch the tip of your wireless earbud and the call will be received automatically.

This feature is especially beneficial for those who receive a lot of calls and are always on the move.

Take advantage of this feature and attend calls, with no hesitation.

Seamlessly Pair Your Device Via Bluetooth 5.3 

The newest version of Bluetooth provides fast data transfers compared to the last version (5.2). 

And it enables faster and more efficient data transmission, which is beneficial for applications requiring high data throughput.

This latest version of Bluetooth also offers extended range meaning you can use your Bluetooth-connected device at a noticeably longer distance but the audio will be delivered at the same quality.

This version also consumes less energy meaning a long-lasting battery for days.

It offers enhanced audio quality compared to the previous version, meaning the streaming quality is up to maximum.

Walk Around Tension-Free Up To 10 Meters or 32 Feet

As mentioned, Bluetooth version 5.3 provides a long range to the user meaning you can walk or perform chores with your connected device put on a safe place, meanwhile enjoying quality audio.

Audio quality will be unaffected by the distance of ten meters.

If you are worried that your connected device, mobile phone for example, is not safe nearby you and might have an accident, then you can place your device away from you.

Whale enjoying your audio with the same, exciting quality.

When Will Airdots 101 Launch & At What Price?

Airdots 101 will be launched on 19th May, for Rs 7,499, but they will be available for Rs 2,999.

So set an alarm, that way you won’t miss out on the sale.

Because there is a high chance of them being sold out immediately.

Then, might as well set a reminder immediately to get notified.


Features offered by our newly launched product scream nothing but convenience.

Such as the sensors present at the tip of the earbuds that let you have complete control over the connected device.

Bluetooth 5.3 version that offers seamless pairing.

Long-range connectivity means that you can walk without the connected device for up to ten meters.

Set a reminder on your smartphone for 19th May, with the tag “Airdots 101 launch” so by the time you check out the site, they won’t be sold out!

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