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IP67 Smartwatch Complete Guide: What Is IP67 Smartwatch? What Does IP67 Mean?

You might have seen these words imprinted on product descriptions of smartwatches.

But do you ever wonder what does it mean?

And if you have, and still haven’t gotten the answers.

Then you have stumbled upon just the right thing.

Here we will break down all of your complications and lay it out for you straight on the table.

Let’s dive into the matter.

What Does IP67 Mean? Let's Breakdown And Explain IP67 - Word By Word

IP means Ingress Protection rating meaning the protection and the resistance it will provide against the solids and liquids.

IP is followed by two digits, let’s say IPxy, the first digit, x means the level of protection against solids (which usually means dust), and the second digit, y means the level of protection against liquids.

So in the case of IP67, the first digit “6” suggests that the device is dust tight and completely protects it against dust and small particles.

And the second digit, “7” suggests that the device is immersion proof meaning that it can be submerged in water up to 3.3 feet/1 meter for about 30 meters without being damaged.

Meaning a device that suggests it is IP67 resistant means it is dust tight and can be submerged in the water for about one meter and 30 minutes without getting damaged.

However, it is suggested to take care of the device as stated in the manual for its well-being and long life. 

What is IP67 Smartwatch?

An IP67 smartwatch is a fully dust-resistant smartwatch and partially waterproof smartwatch as it can be fully submerged in the water for about one meter and the time limit is 30 minutes without getting damaged.

But there are still some concerns left for the users like “Can we swim with it? Can it withstand the shower?

Let’s find out together if it can or cannot.

Can You Swim With IP67 Smartwatch?

As explained earlier, IP67 suggests that the device can stay underwater if it is 3.3 feet deep for about thirty minutes.

This means you should be able to enjoy swimming with your IP67-rated smartwatch as long as it is not prolonged or too submerged.

If you plan to use your smartwatch for swimming or other water activities, it's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's guidelines for its use. 

And care of your device and take appropriate precautions to prevent water damage or other hazards.  

Is IP67 Waterproof Good?

IP67 is a new technology and if a smartwatch offers this feature then it surely is a high-tech model.

IP67 is strongly resistant to dust and partially resistant to water which indicates its longevity.

This is the reason why people prefer this new technology.

And there are much more benefits apart from the strong resistance that is discussed under the next heading.

What Are The Benefits Of IP67?

IP67 provides protection against dust and debris which is an extremely useful feature especially while living in this polluted environment.

It also provides protection against water which can be helpful when you get hit by an unexpected rain.

Both of these features indicate the device’s longevity and durability due to its strong resistance. It is unlikely to go through a malfunction and is expected to live a longer life.

With all these great features packed in, it offers peace of mind to the customers as they know it is protected against any harmful circumstance that will ever occur.

Can IP67 Withstand A Shower?

IP67 can absolutely withstand a shower as the watch is not fully submerged underwater.

But should you be taking a shower every day with a smartwatch on?

It is not a very smart idea as it can damage the device over time and decrease its longevity.

Sometimes, it is fine, such as when you will be receiving important notifications but you also have to take a shower.

Circumstances like this can have you scratching your head and it is fine to have a shower with your smartwatch every now and then.

Even though it offers strong resistance against water, it is still suggested not to take a shower every day with it as it can be harmful to the device. 

IP67 Vs IP68 - Which One Is Better?

IP68 device is stated to be more water resistant than the IP68 which is designed to provide protection against water intrusion at greater depths and for longer periods of time.

But they both provide the same level of protection against dust and debris.

However, if you have a greater level of water exposure in your daily life, such as prolonged sessions of swimming, or showering with the watch on you, then you must go for IP68 technology.

As it provides longer exposure o water without getting damaged.

In Conclusion

IP67 is a technology that provides complete protection against dust but can be submerged in the water for about one meter and 30 minutes.

This extreme resistance suggests that the device has a long life and durability. 

That provides a piece of mind for customers.

It cannot handle prolonged sessions of swimming but can withstand showering, but you have to be careful as showering with it every day might result in a decrease in its longevity.

On the other hand, IP68 provides longer exposure to water without getting damaged.

So if you are an individual who has prolonged exposure to water, it is a better idea to go for IP68 technology.

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