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How Can I Choose Android Smart Watch?

How Can I Choose Android Smart Watch? Choosing a smartwatch might sound like a daunting task.

After all, you'd have to look at all the features, operating system compatibility, standby battery life, watch face, price, and all of that, right?

Here's how Dany Technologies solve that problem:

First of all, we're the largest tech manufacturer in Pakistan, so you don't have to worry about quality.

Secondly, we're known to produce premium quality products at the most affordable prices. Those are two of the biggest concerns for android smartwatch buyers in Pakistan.

Now with that being said, let's move on with today's topic and discuss how you can choose an Android Smartwatch in Pakistan.

Which Smartwatch is Better For Android?

Smartwatches That Run on Android Operating Systems & Why They’re Better For Android

Well, android smartwatches are better for android.


While that may sound like a stupid simple answer, here's why it's necessary to mention that:

Just like your smartphone, an Android smartwatch has an operating system.

So Apple smartwatch runs on iOS.

Similarly, the Android smartwatch runs on Android Operating System.

As for Samsung, they have come up with the Tizen operating system.

So when you're buying a smartwatch for Android, it's important to ensure that it has the Android operating system installed.

That way, you won't ever have to worry about compatibility issues, ever again.

Two Android Smartwatches That Are Best For Android

Smart Fit 3

Smart Fit 3 is an absolute beast for the price that you can purchase it for.


For that price, you can enjoy 60 sports modes, heart rate & oxygen monitoring, and water resistance. weather updates, remote control of your camera, music system, messaging, and calls, plus it gives out necessary reminders such as sedentary, breath, and most of all, menstruation reminders for women.


In addition to that, it also offers long battery backups, letting you roam charge-free for 4 to 5 days straight.

Call Fit 5


Call Fit 5 comes with additional features and advanced customization.


First of all, it has multiple watch faces - you can think about it as having a face for every mood.


Plus, it has a built-in voice assistant, letting you control all the tasks with your voice.

Not only that, Call Fit 5 comes with an astounding display, 8 sports modes, and all the features that Smart Fit 3 offers including menstruation reminders and sleep monitoring.

How Can I Choose Android Smart Watch?

Here are 5 factors you should consider when choosing a smartwatch:


  1. Price
  2. Compatibility With Your Smartphone's Operating System
  3. Battery Life
  4. Health tracking features
  5. Necessary Add-Ons Such as Voice Command


All of these factors determine the harmony between you, your smartphone, and your Android smartwatch.


So at the very minimum, you must keep the above-mentioned 5 factors in consideration.

Wrapping It Up

Both Android Smartwatches from Dany Technologies dial in those 5 factors and beyond to make sure that our Android Smartwatches are absolutely affordable, compatible, and durable for android smartwatch customers in Pakistan.


That's exactly why we have the cheapest android smartwatches in Pakistan. And not only the cheapest, but packed with all the primary and tertiary features to help you enjoy a seamless experience.


So if you've been on a search for a while but couldn't find the perfect Android smartwatch for you, then jump straight to our smartwatch collection now and choose from among the best android smartwatches in Pakistan.

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