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Are Android Smartwatches Good? Do They Deserve Your Money?

Are Android Smartwatches Good? Do They Deserve Your Money? Smartwatches have recently become one of the most important gadgets for people, more specifically, busy people.


The busy bees who always seem to be sticking around the desk, needing sedentary reminders to take a breath and walk around - the ones that need sleep monitors and breathing reminders to relax every once in a while.


But even if you're not that. Quite the opposite, you like staying outdoors and taking your physical activity to the next level, you've just got your assistant wrapped around your hand.


It'll keep track of your fitness goals and help you push yourself to the limits. After all, it has nearly 60 sports modes in it - and that's nothing short of awesomeness.


With that said, let's take a deep dive into today's blog post and see why Android Smartwatches are good, and why are they worth your purchase.


Simply put, are those two reasons the only advantages of buying an Android smartwatch?


Let's see if they deserve your money!

5 Reasons Why Android Smartwatches Are Good

  • Compatibility

  • One of the most significant advantages of Android smartwatches is, of course, their compatibility.


    Did you know that 68% of smartphone users in Pakistan are on Android?


    Well, that means that you're probably reading this while using an Android phone, right?!


    So Android smartwatches being Android Smartwatches, work well with Android smartphones - they are super compatible.


    And the best part about that is this: They can also work with iPhones.


    Although they work best with Android devices, they can still provide a good experience with iPhones.


    And that’s exactly why they’re super compatible.

  • Customization

  • Another great feature of Android smartwatches is the ability to customize them.


    Just think about one of our smartwatches - they come with multiple watch faces.


    You can almost think about it as we've already said on the website: There's a face for every mood!


    You can choose from a wide range of watch faces, apps, and widgets to personalize your smartwatch just how you want.

  • Health and Fitness Tracking

  • One of the reasons why smartwatches have become popular is because of their health and fitness tracking features.


    Android smartwatches come with some of the best fitness tracking features such as sensors to track your heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and even your sleep patterns.


    This information can help you keep track of your daily activities and improve your overall health.

  • Notifications

  • Notifications are one of the best ways to stay updated on what's happening in the outside world.


    Now there are two sides to this feature.


    The first one is fitness freaks. They get into something they call a "Zone". 


    When they're in that "Zone", the last thing they want is to get out of it by knowing what's happening outside.


    They're the types that when they lift the weights, want to "feel the muscle contract", right?


    But the busy bees, they're in the gym to stay healthy - and stay ahead of their schedule.


    And fitness activities are a good start for that.


    However, there are enough important activities that are going on in their daily routine - all day, every day.


    And that makes it much more important for them to stay updated on what's happening in the outside world.


    Keeping that in perspective, android smartwatches allow you to receive notifications on your wrist, so you don't have to constantly check your phone.


    You can see incoming calls, messages, and emails without having to take your phone out of your pocket.


  • Connectivity

  • Here's where the busy bees, normal users, and fitness freaks align.


    It's the feature they all like, love, and want.


    Android smartwatches can connect to the internet - and that's how they allow users to access their favorite apps and services on their wrists.


    You can also use an Android smartwatch to control other devices, such as smart home appliances, music players, and even your phone's camera.


    If you're looking for a customizable, feature-rich, and reliable product that will not only help you keep track of your time - but also help you track your health, routine, and fitness, then you wouldn't be disappointed by your new purchase.


    But what makes Android smartwatches worth a purchase has more to do with how compatible they are.


    Android smartwatches happen to b fully compatible with multiple devices - even the ones they aren't made for.

    For example, say you have an iPhone, and it'll still function pretty well with it.


    Simply put, android smartwatches are like extroverts, and they get pretty well along with other devices.


    On the other hand, cheaper smartwatches seem like a good deal - because well, they're affordable.


    But the problem is that they're cheap.


    And there's a difference between those two. Very clear to be honest.


    That's exactly why it's important to consider the quality of the watch before making a purchase.


    But with us, you don't even need to break a sweat as far as making a quality purchase is concerned.


    Dany Technologies is among the largest tech manufacturers in Asia for a reason.


    Everything we make, from smart watches to tablet and power banks - are super affordable and high quality.


    They are never cheap. And they're delivered right to your doorstep for free.

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