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Why 43mm Responsive Display Is The Best For A Smartwatch?

The display/screen size of a smartwatch can vary depending on the model and brand.

They can range from 40-45 mm of the smartwatch size.

But the question is, why 43mm responsive display is considered the best size for the display of a smartwatch?

It is because a 43mm display size is not too big that’ll ends up looking saggy or heavy, and it is not too small that make it difficult to read the content from the screen.

That is why it is considered the best and the perfect size.

Why 43mm Responsive Display on A Smartwatch Is The Best For Eyes?

Let's talk about something that's been lighting up the world of smartwatches lately, the one and only, 43mm responsive display.

Now I know that there's a lot of tech jargon out there...

But let's stay away from it for the sake of digestion, aight?

Alright so Imagine this: 

You're strolling down the street.

Your hands are full of groceries.

Suddenly your wrist buzzes.

It's a call from your friend asking about that weekend plan you've all been discussing for decades.

This is one of the places where the 43mm responsive display's magic comes in handy.

The display size is the perfect size for you to read from.

You can read the texts, read the research content, can even reply straight from your watch.

It comes in handy in scenarios like researching for your meetings or work.

The 43mm responsive display makes it easy for you to read thoroughly and clearly.

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Is a 40mm smartwatch too small? Is a 45mm smartwatch too big?

Now there are various sizes of a smartwatch lying around in the markets.

From 30mm to 48mm sizes.

The question is which size is considered too big and which size is considered too small.

Any size between 30-40mm is considered small.

Because it makes you unable to look at the content clearly.

And as we all know, the purpose of a smartwatch is to cut the hassle of pulling your phone out every other second.

And if the screen is too small for you to see clearly then the purpose will be destroyed.

However, it could be a preference for some users to opt for a smaller screen size, if your eyesight is perfect then go for it.

But if we are talking about something bigger than 43mm like the size 44 or 45mm, then it is considered too big.

Because the display size might sit uncomfortably on your wrist and it might feel heavy.

Sure the screen size would be big but it will most definitely feel heavy and it might end up looking saggy.

But if your wrist is big then it won’t look bad.

Moreover, it depends on your preference as well if you want to go for a chunky smartwatch then opt for it.

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What is the most popular watch size?

The most popular smartwatch sizes are ranging from 38mm to 43mm.

Anything below or further than these digits is considered too small or too big.

The perfect size is said to be a 43mm responsive display.

Mainly because it is big enough for you to read the content thoroughly, whereas, small enough to sit comfortably on your wrists without feeling heavy.

Do Bigger Watches Look Better?

Bigger watches might look good on big wrists but they’ll end up looking saggy on the smaller wrists.

And if you have delicate or small wrists then you should opt for sizes ranging from 38mm to 43mm.

These are the most common and popular sizes among consumers.

Mainly because they are not too small that’ll become a hurdle in reading.

Or not too big that would feel heavy on your wrists.

Let's Wrap It Up

There are plenty of smartwatches present in the markets with plenty of sizes ranging from too small to too big.

But what is considered too small or too big?

Sizes ranging from 30 mm to 37 mm are considered very small.

While sizes ranging from 44 mm to 50 mm are considered huge.

The perfect and most common sizes range from 38mm to 43mm.

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