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What Size Smartwatch Should I Get?

Determining the smartwatch size according to your wrist can be difficult for some people.

And to solve this difficulty this blog will explain the wrist and watch sizes in detail.

But before we start anything let’s clear one thing- Which is no matter how big or small the size of the smartwatch is, it all comes down to the preference of the user.

Some might prefer a big watch sitting on their wrist while others will opt for a more compact and sleek device.

Is 40mm Too Small For A Watch?

The watch size is never too small or too large.

If that’s what your preference is and if your wrist size lingers between 16cm to 18cm then a 40mm smartwatch should be enough for you.

A 40mm smartwatch is fully responsive and equally easy to handle.

So it is a perfect size to go for, doesn’t matter if you prefer a small size smartwatch due to the sleek look or if you have a small wrist size.

Is 44mm Too Big For A Watch?

A 44mm is the perfect size for men as it doesn’t look too big on their wrists.

So it is not too big for a watch as it is a common size.

You can read something that will help you out The Perfect Size for a Men’s Watch

How Do You Know What Size Watch To Get?

The best way to determine the watch size is to measure your wrist.

If you have a large wrist, case diameters ranging between 38mm to 46mm will look best. 

If you have a thin wrist then opt for the case diameters between 34mm to 22mm.

And to help you with the wrist size, 7-inch to 7.5 wrists are considered average. An 8-inch and larger are considered Large. 

Is A 46mm Watch Too Big?

A 46mm watch is considered a normal size for men because of their wrist sizes.

Watch size also comes down to the reference of someone as some people might like a big watch and some might prefer a more compact size.

If you want to know what watch should you get according to the wrist then here’s an overview.

If your wrist size is 6-7 inches, look for small to medium-diameter watch cases – 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm. 

If your wrist size varies from 7.5 to 8 inches, look for watch cases with a diameter of 44mm, and 46mm.

Taka a look at How To Buy The Right Watch Sizes For Your Wrist. To have a better understanding.


A smartwatch can truly never be too big or too small as the size is considered by the user.

The size depends on the user firstly because of their wrist size and secondly because of their preference.

Both will interfere while determining the watch size.

So in the end, truly no watch size is perfect, nor too big, nor too small.

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