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What Is The Price Of Smartwatch For Men in Pakistan

What Is The Price Of Smartwatch For Men in Pakistan,

Looking for a men’s smartwatch under the budget? What if I tell you, you won’t have to compromise on high-end qualities in exchange for a low price? 

If you are in search of all these things combined then you stumbled upon the right thing.

This blog will be a complete guide for purchasing a smartwatch for men under budget and with all the same capabilities as a high-price model.

Best Smartwatch For Men in Pakistan Under Rs. 7,000

Finding a smartwatch for men under a specific budget can be a bit of work.

But with Dany technologies, it is easier than ever.

We offer you high-end features accompanied by the lowest cost possible out there because we want our customers to lead convenient lives.

Smartwatches not only serve the purpose of convenience but it also serves the purpose of fashion.

Take our newest arrival, for instance, Smart Fit 3 Smart Watch.

It is an essential asset for people who love to play their heart out, as it contains a sports mode that has over 60 sports and it helps to track your steps and points.

An important feature that fitness enthusiasts will absolutely love is that it has a training mode that tracks your exercises and sets.

And break your sweat worry-free with the IP68 water-resistant feature. 

For tech-savvy busy individuals, you will get notified every time you receive a message or a phone call. Even a notification from one of your socials. You will be able to track it without checking your phone every 5 seconds.

A built-in health tracking system that monitors your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing reminders, sedentary reminders, and sleep reminders.

A long-lasting battery that will not ditch you amidst a task because once charged, you won’t have to be bothered about recharging it until a week. It lasts about 5-7 days.

Control everything from your wrist, to your wrist.

Do not hesitate to buy convenience at a low price of Rs 5,499.

Make sure to leave early for the party as you will not like to be the last one to reach.

Which Smartwatch is Best Value For Money for Men

We all want to keep up with the high-caliber features and latest technology as the tech world is moving too fast.

But do we need to shatter our banks in order to purchase it? 

Certainly not.

And with our brand, Dany Technologies.

Surely not.

Qualities a men’s smart watch should offer must be a sports mode, training mode, and getting notified where ever you are.

And what if the watch consists of bonus features like a built-in health monitoring mode, IP68 water-resistant technology, and a long-lasting battery?

Surely it will be a steal.

All these qualities are present in our latest arrival, Call Fit 3 Smart Watch. Which costs Rs 5,499.

Sports mode with over 60 sports offered.

A training mode for fitness enthusiasts

IP68 water-resistant technology so you won’t have to hesitate while breaking your sweat.

Health monitoring built-in applications to stay attentive with regards to your health like heart rate monitor, breathing rate monitor, blood oxygen level checks, breathing reminders, sleeping reminders, and sedentary reminders.

And a long-lasting battery that will accompany you until 5-7 days.

Or you can check out another one of our arrivals Call Fit 5 Smartwatch.

That offers you complete control with the built-in voice assistants and 43 mm fully functioning display.

It is also a shape-shifter with the ability to change its face on your command. You can change its display according to your mood and even your outfit.


Unleash your inner athlete with the sports mode and sweat it out without worrying about splashes and moisture due to the IP67 water-resistant feature.

Stay informed about your health with built-in health monitoring applications like sleep monitors, heart rate monitors, blood oxygen level monitors, breathing reminders, and sedentary reminders.

And lastly, be unbothered about recharging your battery because the battery lasts 7 days.

This product costs Rs 8,499.

Stay organized and stay connected. Make every penny worth this purchase and welcome convenience at the lowest price possible.

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