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What Is The Price of a 3000 mAh Power Bank in Pakistan?

What Is The Price of a 3000 mAh Power Bank in Pakistan? 

Power banks have taken over the markets by an absolute storm.

And the biggest reason is the convenience they provide.

This gadget is especially a necessity for those individuals who lead busy lives and are always on the move.

But as the public demand rises, the number of producers and prices are also climbing up the ladder.

Leaving the customers confused about what brand to purchase or at what price to invest in this gadget. 

And that is why we are here to solve all your complications through this blog.

So let’s dive straight into that.

How Much Should I Pay For A 10,000 mAh Power Bank In Pakistan?

Some brands like to sell their products at a higher price and ditch their customers into buying a gadget that absolutely could’ve been brought at a comparatively lower rate.

But you won’t experience a similar problem with Audionic.

And that is exactly why we are currently the best-seller in our country as we continue to deliver convenience.

Have a look at one of our products, for instance, the Tesla T-10 (10,000 mAh) Power Bank, which offers:

  1. 10,000 mAh battery capacity.
  2. Long-lasting battery.
  3. A charging port.
  4. Supports USB.
  5. Lightweight and portable.

For Rs 4,090.

Don’t like the deal?

Have a look at another one, Benz Black 10,000 mAh Power Bank, which offers:

  1. Three charging ports.
  2. Two USB ports.
  3. Five output options.
  4. Supports Android devices as well as iOS devices.
  5. Long-lasting battery.

All these features are offered for Rs 3,299.

Do not hesitate to welcome convenience in your life.

How Much Should I Pay For A 5000 mAh power bank in Pakistan?

Once again, you shouldn't have to invest a high price into a product that offers low power.

As lower power equals lower price.

One of our products, Dany Galaxy G-7 (5000 mAh) Power Bank, offers two input ports, supports USB, a long battery life, supports both Android and iOS devices, and does not slow down the speed of charging when charging 2 devices at the same time.

All these features are offered for Rs 1,699.

It is best for people who travel a lot or for those who can not leave their phone alone for some time because of all the important notifications they receive.

It is portable and lightweight making it very convenient to carry around.

This gadget can also be used on vacation or carried around for a short trip.


Power banks are growing in popularity due to the comfort they provide to the user.

These gadgets are a necessity for those who travel a lot or are always on the move.

And how can we forget vacations or trips where it is hard to recharge our devices?

That’s when power banks come in handy, they can charge 2-3 devices simultaneously without slowing down the speed.

We introduce you to Dany Galaxy G-7 (5000 mAh) Power Bank for Rs 1,699.

And, Tesla T-10 (10,000 mAh) Power Bank for Rs 4,090.

Along with,  Benz Black 10,000 mAh Power Bank for Rs 3,299.

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