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What Does The IP67/IP68 Rating Mean For My Smartwatch's Water And Dust Resistance?

Ah, the IP67 and IP68 ratings!

Don't worry, that wasn't out of frustration - but excitement.

You see, we being among the best-sellers of smartwatches in this country - we get a little excited when it comes to talking about some technical stuff.

But let us say that again - Don't worry, we'll dumb it down.

IP67 and IP68 Ratings really are the key to understanding how water and dust resistant your smartwatch truly is.

Simply put, how well does a smartwatch do against these foreign elements?

Does it do well like Khabib or does it bend, roll over, and taps out like...

Well, we'll leave that discussion aside.

So, what do these ratings really mean for your beloved device? Let us break it down for you in plain, everyday language:

What Does The IP67/IP68 Rating Mean For Your Smartwatch's Water And Dust Resistance?

Now we're diving straight to the point, my friend.

If your smartwatch flaunts an IP68 rating, it's taking water and dust resistance to the next level.

The "8" in the rating tells you that it's just as dust-tight as its IP67 sibling - and does a pretty good job of keeping those pesky particles out.

But what about water resistance?

An IP68-rated smartwatch can handle a dunking in water beyond the depths of IP67.

It comfortably survives being submerged in up to 1.5 meters - which is approximately five feet of water for a limited time.

It simply means that it can handle a few laps in the pool.

You can even expect it to accompany you on a snorkeling adventure.

Think of it as having a trusty sidekick that won't fret if you accidentally wear it while washing your hands - or if you were caught in a light drizzle.

Let’s Conclude By Breaking Down IP, 6, 7, & 8

When your smartwatch proudly boasts an IP67 rating, it means that it can hold itself strong against dust and water.

The "IP" simply stands for Ingress Protection.

While the "67" tells us what it's capable of.

Now let's talk about "6," which signifies that it's completely protected against dust.

Now you know why you don't need to worry about tiny particles making their way into your watch's nooks and crannies.

Now, let's talk water resistance. The second digit, "7," or "8," tells you that your smartwatch can handle being submerged in water up to a meter (about three feet) deep.

For a limited time though...

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