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Specialties Of Our Product: Rex Fit

Our newly launched Rex Fit is a multitasker.

As it provides a number of convenient features that will leave you mesmerized to purchase this product.

Here’s a little summary of what it offers

  1. A 1.9 HD’’ display.
  2. Bluetooth calling.
  3. GPS positioning.
  4. 500+ watch faces.
  5. A voice assistant.

A Brief Explanation

Here is a detailed explanation of why are these features convenient for one.

1.9 HD’’ display

1.9 HD’’ display allows the user to have a look at the screen with more clarity.

This big screen lets the user look at the screen without having the need to constantly zoom in.

It also provides a more vibrant picture.

Bluetooth calling

Now you can make and attend calls right on your wrist without having to pull out your phone.

Everything can be managed on your wrist now.

GPS positioning

GPS positioning is necessary as it guides you through unfamiliar tracks.

And it is especially helpful in emergency situations, for example, if your phone dies and you are not familiar with the place.

500+ watch faces

Now you are in control of everything.

Match your watch with your outfit ad mood just by tapping.

This gives a whole new look to the watch and also works as an accessory to your outfit.

Voice assistant

A voice assistant is a feature that helps you to multitask.

You can perform two to three tasks at a time, all you need to do is command and you will be served.

To Summarize

Rex Fit offers a number of features that benefits the users.

Features like a 1.9 HD’’ display, Bluetooth calling, GPS positioning, 500+ watch faces, and a voice assistant let the user have full control over the device.

Enjoy all these features to the fullest and welcome convenience in your life.

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