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Smartwatches With Voice Assistant Feature

If you are looking for smartwatches that offer a built-in voice assistant, then you surely have stumbled upon the right thing.

In this blog, we will present you Dany tech products that offer this feature.

And other features that the product provides, will be listed along as well.

So keep scrolling to find out your answers.

Which smartwatch has voice control?

Dany technologies bring smartwatches that offer built-in voice assistants.

Not only that but a number of features that will further add to the list of your convenience.

Our newly launched watch, Rex Fit, offers 

  1. A  built-in voice assistant.
  2. 1.9’’ HD display.
  3. Bluetooth calling.
  4. GPS positioning.
  5. 500+ smartwatch faces.
  6. IP67 water resistant.
  7. Long-lasting battery.

And another one of our products, callfit-5-smart-watch offers 


  1. A built-in voice assistant.
  2. 43 mm display.
  3. Bluetooth calling.
  4. Multiple watch faces.
  5. Long-lasting battery.

All these features are offered for Rs 8,499.

Do not be late to the party and go make this purchase as soon as possible.

Because you surely do not want to miss out on all that.

To Summarize

Products listed on our site provide the feature of a built-in voice assistant.

And other features are mentioned as well.

Like the product, Rex Fit offers IP67 resistance, a 1.9 HD’’ display, Bluetooth calling, 500+ watch faces along with a built-in voice assistant.

And another product, Call Fit 5 Smartwatch offers Bluetooth calling, a 43 mm display, multiple watch faces along with a built-in voice assistant. For Rs 8,499.

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