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Offline Voice Assistant

Voice assistants now offer offline capabilities.

Meaning you can access a number of features offline as well.

But still, there are some limitations to that.

Let’s dive into the details.

Does voice assistant need Internet?

Yes, most voice assistants require an internet connection to function properly.

The voice commands spoken into the smartwatch are transmitted to the cloud servers, where they are processed, analyzed, and interpreted. 

The response is then sent back to the smartwatch for playback or action.

Some functions such as setting alarms or reminders will work without an internet connection.

But online searches or replying to texts or notifications won’t work without internet availability.

So, we can conclude that voice assistants’ functionality is limited if the device is disconnected to the internet.

What is an offline voice assistant?

An offline voice assistant does not require an internet connection in order to function properly.

And it operates locally on the device itself.

Offline voice assistants still have some limitations to them as they can not access notifications or any personal texts without the connection.

But they are a little more useful than online voice assistants.

To Summarize

Voice assistants’ functionalities are limited if not connected to the internet.

They can perform functions like setting alarms or reminders, but they are unable to access notifications or online searches.

As these things require an internet connection.

Offline voice assistants’ functionalities are limited too, but still, they can access more than regular voice assistants.

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