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Newly Launched Alpha Fit Smart Watch June 2023 Features Explained

Newly Launched Alpha Fit Smart Watch June 2023 Features Explained, Dany presents another market-breaking product for its customers to cling to.

We have never disappointed our customers when it comes to convenience and we try to maintain that level of our reputation.

Have a look at our newly launched Alpha Fit Smart Watch that offers a number of features of nothing but comfort and convenience.  

And in this blog, we will explain every single one of its features so you can get an idea of what this product offers before making a mindful decision for yourself.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Alpha Fit Smartwatch 2023 Features Individually Detailed

The newest features our watch offers are listed below.

  1. Full touch display 1.85 TFT.
  2. IP68 water-resistance.
  3. Social alert.
  4. 100+ sports modes.
  5. Bluetooth calling.
  6. Health monitoring.
  7. Battery life.
  8. 150+ watch faces.
  9. Smart DND.

Now, let's discuss all of these features in detail and exactly why are they worth your money.

Full Touch Display 1.85 TFT — But What Does TFT Mean? And is 1.85 TFT Remarkable?

First, let’s see what TFT means.

TFT is an abbreviation of “thin film transistors”.

This technology is used in electronic devices that allow the user to take full control of the brightness and color of the display.

When the term 1.85’’ TFT is used, it refers to the size of the display screen. 

The number "1.85" indicates the diagonal size of the display in inches. 

So, a "1.85 TFT" display would have a diagonal size of approximately 1.85 inches.

Now, why is this technology used in our smartwatch?

Firstly, TFT offers good color reproduction, wide viewing angles, and high contrast ratios that deliver the user vibrant and clear visuals on a small screen.

Secondly, TFT displays are known for their reduced power consumption as this technology uses transistors, as each thin film consumes energy from its own transistor.

This technology does not rely on the watch’s battery.

Lastly, this technology does not add weight or bulk to the device meaning it is extremely lightweight and compact which is perfect for devices like smartwatches.

Now you know, what TFT means and why 1.85’’ TFT is remarkable.       

IP68 Water-Resistant- Is this feature worth your money?

First, let us break down the term IP68 for you.

IP rating means ingress protection that is a universally accepted rating against dust and water. 

The first digit stated after the IP is the protection provided by the device against dust,

And the second digit stated after the IP is the protection provided by the device against water.

Now, in terms of IP68, the digit “6” refers to the protection against dust and it suggests that the device is highly resistant to dust and is dust tight.

No dust particles can enter the device.

And the digit “8” refers to the protection provided against water and it suggests the smartwatch is protected against the effects of immersion in water beyond 1 meter.

Meaning that it can be immersed in water but not deeper than 1 meter as it can cause malfunctioning and can be bad for the device.

100 Plus Sports Modes- An Absolute Steal For Sports Lovers

In this newly launched gadget, hundred plus sports modes have been made available for the users to enjoy and make full use of their device.

As we know that the smartwatch is a highly versatile gadget when it comes to features.

This device can be worn and benefitted by many kinds of individuals.

Like businessmen, sports lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and even people who work from home.

Now, for the sports mode, this feature is highly beneficial for sports lovers as it tracks and provides information like calories burned, distance covered, and even your heart rate during the activities.

Sports mode may also provide additional performance metrics specific to the activity, such as cadence (steps per minute), stroke count (in swimming), or vertical oscillation (in running).

That helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts assess and improve their technique and performance.   

Smartwatches also detect, collect, and analyze data during activities.

It collects more specific and detailed data about the activity, which can be analyzed later.

Users can review their performance, track progress over time, and identify areas for improvement.  

If you are a sports enthusiast, then this gadget might be your next best purchase.

Social Alert- Notifications Alert On Your Wrist

If you are a work-from-home person or a busy individual who must always check up on their socials.

Then this gadget is a perfect steal for you as it delivers all the notifications right on your wrist.

This feature is highly convenient as you do not have to take your phone out every second to check up on your notifications.

And now, even for calling, thanks to the new feature, Bluetooth calling.

If once this gadget is connected to your smartphone, you can go all day without your phone and receive all the important alerts and calls directly on your smartwatch.


Health monitoring- Stay Attentive Regarding Your Health

All the necessary health monitoring features are present in this tiny gadget that will help you stay attentive with regard to your health.

As this gadget is especially beneficial to those individuals who lead busy lives, there might not be sufficient time to routinely check on your health.

Which is not something to be proud of.

That is why there are health monitoring built-in applications made available because we care the most about our customers.

Special applications to monitor your sleep, heart rate, SpO2 levels, and female health tracking have been available that will track and observe your routine activities.

And will let you know by setting reminders and alarms for example- sedentary reminders, or sleep reminders.

It will also alert you if it notices a disturbance in your health and will help you seek medical attention if necessary.

Smart DND- Is This Feature Really Smart?

DND refers to the “do not disturb” mode that will block notifications or any kind of interruption when you seek uninterrupted focus or peace.

When you enable smart DND, it prioritizes the important notifications and mutes the unimportant ones.

It may mute unnecessary contacts while prioritizing the important ones by analyzing them with the help of artificial intelligence.

This feature can sync with the connected devices.

For example, if you enable the “do no disturb” mode on your smartphone, then it will be enabled automatically on your smartwatch as well. And vice versa.

So indeed this feature really is smart.

Battery Life- How Long Can It Withstand Your Activities?

Once fully charged, this gadget can go seven days without the need to be recharged.

This means it can withstand your activities for the whole week and will still not be tired.

You can go out and about with this gadget, benefit from any feature you want and you might be tired of using it.

But it will still be very active, and not tired.  

Let’s Conclude

The newly launched Alpha Fit Smartwatch offers a full-touch display of 1.85’’ TFT that provides vibrant and wide viewing angles to the users.

IP68 water-resistance which means it is dust tight and can be submerged into water up to one meter.

100 plus sports modes and social alerts right on your wrist, even Bluetooth calling has been made available.

Health monitoring built-in applications that will help you stay alert.

Smart do not disturb mode and seven days of battery life.

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