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Is There A Smartwatch That Works With Android Phones?

Is There A Smartwatch That Works With Android Phones? There's an abundance of smartwatches that work with Android phones.

Trust us, Android users have no shortage when it comes to having a smartwatch. One of the main reasons for that is the sheer incompatibility and availability of the Android operating system as a whole.

For example, one of the studies we keep citing every now and then suggests that 68% of smartphone users have an Android operating system. 

In addition to that, here's a little fact that you'll love to enjoy: the Android operating system is super compatible - and by super, we mean it.

you can just think about its compatibility the Android smartwatch can be easily paired with Apple.

Although it's not recommended, or even suggested for that matter - but it's useful to know in cases of emergency.

Now with that being said, let's give straight into today's topic and discuss which smartwatches work with Android phones, can you use a smartwatch with an Android at all, and the elephant in the room, is are all smartwatches compatible with all phones?

Which Smartwatches Work With Android Phones? 

As we mentioned earlier, Android users have nowhere NEAR a shortage of Android smartwatches.

Instead, they have plenty. They have smartwatches in abundance to choose from.

Here are two of the best Android smartwatches for Android users in Pakistan.

Smart Fit 3 Android Smartwatch — One Of The Best Smartwatches That Work With Android Phones

Smart Fit 3 Android Smartwatch is one of the best options for smartwatch users in Pakistan.

Smart Fit 3 Android Smartwatch Features 

  1. It offers 60 sports modes.
  2. Heart rate monitor.
  3. Oxygen monitoring.
  4. IP68 water resistance.
  5. Notifications.
  6. SMS Alerts.
  7. Music control.
  8. Remote camera control.
  9. Alarms to keep you ahead of your schedule.
  10. Weather updates.
  11. Sedentary reminders.
  12. Breathing reminders.
  13. Women mode (menstruation reminders).
  14. 5 - 7 days long battery backups.
  15. 5.0 Bluetooth Version.
  16. 43 mm Full touch display.
  17. 4 - 5 days standby battery life.
  18. 230 mAh battery capacity.

Call Fit 5 Android Smartwatch — The Best Smartwatch That Works With Android Phones

Another advanced option for Android smartwatch users is Call Fit 5.

Call Fit 5 comes with the following features for users

  1. 43mm fully responsive display
  2. Built-in voice assistant for voice command/control.
  3. Play & store your music.
  4. Receive calls on the go.
  5. Notifications.
  6. 8 Sports modes.
  7. Multiple watch faces help you style it as you like.
  8. 7 days battery backup.
  9. Meditative breathing reminders.
  10. Heart rate monitors.
  11. Sleep monitors.
  12. SpO2 to help you track oxygen.
  13. Enjoy truly wireless music.
  14. Remote control of the camera.
  15. Breathing exercise reminders.
  16. Alarm clock reminders.
  17. SMS alerts.
  18. Sedentary reminders.
  19. Notifications.
  20. IP67 Water Resistance.
  21. 5.0 Bluetooth version.
  22. Standy battery is 4 - 5 days.

Can You Use A Smartwatch With An Android?

Android smartwatches are made to be paired with Android phones.

That way, you can seamlessly pair your Android smartwatch with your Android smartphone.

After that, you can remotely control your phone through your Android smartwatch, and perform important functions such as making a phone call without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

In fact, with both of our Android smartwatches, you can remotely control the camera of your Android smartphone as well.

And one of the best things about Android smartwatches is the fact that they seamlessly connect with different devices, even with Apple.

Are All Smart Watches Compatible With All Phones?

As we mentioned earlier, generally it's the case that many Android smartwatches seamlessly connect with various different types of devices including Apple as well.

However, first of all, that's not always the case.

And secondly, here's the important thing to remember: Not all smartwatches are compatible with all phones.

For example, you cannot pair an Apple smartwatch with an Android or other operating system except for Apple itself.

In addition to that, some smartwatches even have their own operating system - while on the other hand, there are some who work with both.

Keeping that in perspective, it’s important to check all the necessary specifications to ensure that your Android smartwatch works with your phone.

Let’s Summarize…

Android users will never run out of smartwatch options. Period.

And it partly has to do with the number of smartwatches available in the market, and mainly has to do with two things:

The sheer availability and usage of Android devices.

The sheer compatibility of Android as an operating system with other devices.

Both of those are the main drivers of why there's such an abundance of Android smartwatches in the market for Android users.

If you're looking for some options yourself, jump straight to our smartwatch collection. We have two of the best Android smartwatches in Pakistan, called Smart Fit 3 and Call Fit 5.

Check them out today, grab your favorite one, and have it ordered right to your doorstep!

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