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How To Find The Best Power Bank For iPhone? Is It Safe To Charge iPhone With A Power Bank?

The Best Power Bank for iPhone is around 10,000 mAh. Of course, you can go for the higher ones as per your need. But most would find a 10,000 mAh power bank satisfactory for an iPhone

Now you might be wondering what’s the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It stands at 4323 mAh, which is below 50% of 10,000 mAh. So even if you have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, a 10,000 mAh power bank will deliver a satisfactory charging experience.

But is it safe to charge your iPhone with a power bank? What do other apple users say on the issue? Hold on tight, we’re going to walk through those questions like a walk in the park. Grab a pen and a piece of paper or bookmark this tab, we’re about to get started.

Best power bank for iphone

Is It Good To Use Power Bank For iPhone? Most Of All, Is It Safe? What Do Other iPhone Users Say About It?

The safety of using a power bank for an iPhone has been a major question in the first place. Before finding the best power bank for iPhone, people often ask whether is it good to use a power bank for iPhone.

Whether it’s an iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter, it’s best to use a power bank sparingly. A major mistake that a lot of people make is that they start using a power bank as the primary source for charging their phone.

In one of the discussions on the Apple Community, a user asked “is it harmful for the battery to recharge it using a power bank?” to which most apple users replied no. One of them also recommended feeling safe if you’re using a cable approved by Apple.


20000 mah power bank


The List Of iPhone Models Along With Their Battery Capacities

(From the oldest model to the newest – Arranged in Ascending order)

  1. Original iPhone battery capacity: 1400 mAh
  2. iPhone 3G battery capacity: 1150 mAh
  3. iPhone 3GS battery capacity: 1219 mAh
  4. iPhone 4 battery capacity: 1420 mAh
  5. iPhone 4S battery capacity: 1432 mAh
  6. iPhone 5 battery capacity: 1440 mAh
  7. iPhone 5C battery capacity: 1510 mAh
  8. iPhone 5S battery capacity: 1560 mAh
  9. iPhone 6 battery capacity: 1810 mAh
  10. iPhone 6 Plus battery capacity: 2915 mAh
  11. iPhone 6S battery capacity: 1715 mAh
  12. iPhone 6S Plus battery capacity: 2750 mAh
  13. iPhone SE battery capacity: 1624 mAh
  14. iPhone 7 battery capacity: 1960 mAh
  15. iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity: 2900 mAh
  16. iPhone 8 battery capacity: 1821 mAh
  17. iPhone 8 Plus battery capacity: 2691 mAh
  18. iPhone X battery capacity: 2716 mAh
  19. iPhone XS battery capacity: 2658 mAh
  20. iPhone XS Max battery capacity: 3174 mAh
  21. iPhone XR battery capacity: 2942 mAh
  22. iPhone 11 battery capacity: 3110 mAh
  23. iPhone 11 Pro battery capacity: 3046 mAh
  24. iPhone 11 Pro Max battery capacity: 3969 mAh
  25. iPhone SE 2nd gen battery capacity: 1821 mAh
  26. iPhone 12 mini battery capacity: 2227 mAh
  27. iPhone 12 battery capacity: 2815 mAh
  28. iPhone 12 Pro battery capacity: 2815 mAh
  29. iPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity: 3687 mAh
  30. iPhone SE 3rd gen battery capacity: 2018 mAh
  31. iPhone 13 mini battery capacity: 2406 mAh
  32. iPhone 13 battery capacity: 3227 mAh
  33. iPhone 13 Pro battery capacity: 3095 mAh
  34. iPhone 13 Pro Max battery capacity: 4352 mAh

Which is Better for iPhone? 10,000 mAh or 20,000 mAh? Is a 20,000 mAh Power Bank Good for iPhone?

Taking a look above, we can clearly see that 4352 mAh is the highest number on the list. This means that if you’re using a 10,000 mAh mobile power bank, your iPhone charging needs will be satisfied in a sufficient manner.

But if you’re among the busy bees who’re always on the fly, always on the run, and always short on time, then you can consider buying a 20,000 mAh power bank because you’re most likely traveling with devices other than just a mobile phone.\

The reality is a 20,000 mAh power bank is way more than enough for an iPhone. That’s precisely why 20,000 mAh Power Bank best serves customers who are constantly traveling with a complete league of devices including laptops, phones, AirPods, and stuff.

Time For The Conclusion…

Using a power bank to charge your iPhone is an idea that sparks concerns for many Apple users. However, there are no downsides to using a power bank for an iPhone if you follow some of the practices mentioned below.

First of all, don’t let the battery drain away and keep it that way. That harms the battery. That also happens if you leave the phone on charge overnight. In addition, beware of using charging cables

Here is a discussion on Apple Community that can help you stay away from making that mistake: Identify counterfeit or uncertified Lightning connector accessories and GQ’s post The Best iPhone Charging Cables That Aren’t Made by Apple.

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