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From Fashion to Function: The Evolution of Smartwatch Design

We remember the days when smartwatches used to be the ultimate fashion choice and served way fewer features than they do now.

But how far we have come across this journey where it serves fashion along the function.

So here we will provide a list of Dany’s smartwatch list so you know what to purchase for your next shopping spree.

Let’s dive in.

List Of Smartwatches - A Guide For Your Next Shopping Spree

One of our products, the smart fit 3 smartwatch offers 60 sports modes to help you unleash your inner athlete.

Built-in health monitoring applications like oxygen level detectors, sleeping monitors, etc to keep you updated regarding your health.

Go carefree with the IP67 water-resistant technology that can handle water submersion to a certain level.

Receive all your important notifications right on your wrist and go charge-free for four to five days.

All these features are offered for Rs 4,999.

Our second product, call fit 5 smartwatch offers a fully responsive display that responds to your commands with just a light tap.

Command anything and get a response, thanks to the built-in voice assistant.

Get notifications right on your wrist.

Play with your watch by pulling out a new watch face every day, as it offers multiple watch faces.

A long-lasting battery that will back you up for seven days.

Built-in health monitoring applications to stay on your toes regarding your health.

Offered for Rs 8,499.

Now lastly, our newest launch, the alpha fit smartwatch offers a bunch of built-in health monitoring applications because we care about you.

Bluetooth calling and 1.85’’ HD touch display to add to your convenience list.

100 plus sports mode to truly indulge with your athletic side.

IP68 is water-resistant so nothing can stop you.

100 plus watch faces to carry on with the fashion.

And social alerts wherever you are.

Offered for Rs 7,299.

This was the list of some of our best smartwatch launches.

We hope you finally got what to purchase for your next shopping spree.


Smartwatches have become the definition of the word convenient as they serve the purpose of function and fashion.

Something that has not been done by any other yet.

So here is a list of what you might need to buy.

Smart fit 3 smartwatches for Rs 4,999. Call fit 5 smartwatch for Rs 8,499, and the alpha fit smartwatch for Rs 7,299.

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