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Explanation and Purpose Of The Features Present In Alpha Fit Smartwatch

Explanation and Purpose Of The Features Present In Alpha Fit Smartwatch,

This blog will provide you explanation and purpose of the features that are present in our newly launched Alpha Fit smartwatch.

And how one can benefit from these features.

You might have seen the list of features written, but did someone actually explain them to you?

We already know your answer.

And that is why we are here.

List Of Impeccable Features

Alpha Fit Smartwatch offers the following list of features:

  1. Health monitoring.
  2. Bluetooth calling.
  3. 1.85’’ HD touch display.
  4. 100 Plus sports modes.
  5. IP68 water-resistant.
  6. Seven days of battery life.

But we will be explaining how health monitoring works, what IP68 is, and the 1.85’’ touch display.

Why Are These Features Impeccable

First, we will explain how these systems work.

And then how one can benefit from it.

Health monitoring

Smartwatches contain a system of algorithms and systems that are able to track your heart rate, SpO2 level, sleep, and activities.

So for heart rate monitoring, Smartwatches include an optical heart rate sensor that uses green LED lights and photodiodes to measure your heart rate. 

The sensor illuminates your skin and measures the changes in blood flow to determine your heart rate. 

This information can be used to monitor your resting heart rate, track your heart rate during exercise, and provide alerts for irregular heart rhythms.

And for SpO2/blood oxygen level, smartwatches shine light through your skin, and by analyzing the light absorption, this way the watch can estimate the amount of oxygen in your blood. 

This feature can provide insights into your respiratory health and help identify potential issues.

The smartwatch offers sleep-tracking ability by monitoring movement and heart rate variability, the watch can analyze your sleep patterns, including duration, quality, and stages of sleep. 

This information can help you understand your sleep habits and make adjustments for better sleep hygiene.

Now for activity tracking, smartwatches use accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect your movement and track your physical activities. 

These sensors can measure steps taken, distance traveled, and estimate calorie burn. 

By analyzing the data collected over time, smartwatches can provide insights into your daily activity levels and encourage you to meet your fitness goals.

1.85 HD Touch Display

The measurement "1.85''" refers to the diagonal length of the display, typically measured in inches. 

This measurement represents the distance from one corner of the display to the opposite corner, passing through the center. 

A touch display means that the screen is touch-sensitive, allowing you to interact with the smartwatch by tapping, swiping, and performing various gestures directly on the screen. 

Touch displays are commonly used on smartwatches to navigate menus, select options, and interact with apps or notifications.

And with the size of a 1.85’’ touch display, it is relatively bigger, meaning it reduces the user’s headache of endless scrolling and unnecessary zooming.

Meaning the user holds the benefit of easily reading through the screen without any hassle.

IP68 Water-Resistance

Now you might have seen the “IPxx” written on a lot of smartwatches or maybe other devices.

But ever wondered what does that mean?

The "IP" in IP68 stands for "Ingress Protection," which refers to the device's ability to prevent solid objects (like dust and dirt) from entering its internals. 

The "6" in IP68 indicates the highest level of dust protection. 

A smartwatch with an IP6x rating is considered dust-tight, meaning it should prevent dust particles from entering under normal conditions.

The "8" in IP68 refers to the level of water resistance provided by the smartwatch. 

An IPX8 rating means that the smartwatch is designed to withstand continuous immersion in water under specific conditions. 

This level of protection against the environment ensures the device’s durability and longevity as it is capable of fighting the damage resistantly.

Meaning if you spend your money, it surely will be worth every single one of your penny.

To Conclude

The systems and features of a smartwatch are quite complicated and not as easy as you might think.

Such as built-in health monitors actually use a number of different algorithms that detect your activities like sleeping, heart rate, and movement.

And the touch display defines the amount of convenience as the bigger touch display is capable of providing a large screen that will be convenient for you to read through.

The IP68 resistance is actually the resistance provided by the device against water and dust.

Defining its durability along with longevity.

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