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Can I Use Any Car Charger for My iPhone?

Can I Use Any Car Charger for My iPhone? Any car charger? Hmm… Let’s think about it… Well, first of all, all iPhones have separate cables, specially made for these devices. So that’s the first thing to think about as an iPhone user. Now let’s talk about chargers that you can plug into the car.


In Pakistan, you’ll see most of the car chargers have either universal cable or C-type at most. So why’s that the case? Well, that’s not a mystery at all. A lot of people use such mobile devices that either accept C-types or Universal.


So the product is made according to the user’s demand. However, there’s no need to despair because we have a Dual USB Port Car Charger. So even if it has a universal output, you can still plug in the iPhone’s charging cable in the second port. And that way, you’ll be able to charge your iPhone when you’re on the go.


So now the question is: Is it safe to use a car charger to charge my iPhone? And the answer to that is yes. Using a car charger to charge up your iPhone is completely safe, plus, it’s convenient and budget-friendly as well. Now let’s dive into some of the questions that are related to the same user concern.

Does Apple Have A Car Charger?

Yes, for all you Apple enthusiasts who’re reading this question with watery eyes! Apple does have a car charger. It goes by the name of Mophie USB-C. It costs about $24.95, meaning in Pakistani Rupees, it’ll cost you about 5,678.86.


Yes. That’s exactly right. That’s ultra-expensive for most. So tighten your seat belts because we’re about to inform you of a sophisticated yet budget-friendly alternative to that – and it’s M-90 Car Charger from Dany Technologies.


So, why is that a solution? Well, it has two ports for charging whilst the third charging cable is built-in. The one that’s built-in is actually a Universal cable – but the two ports can be utilized to plug in the iPhone charging cable to charge your iPhone.


That’s a deserving one-time investment that can set you worry-free. So place your order online today and get yourself an M-90 Dual Port Smart USB Charger just for rs. 775 – and by doing so, you’ll be saving 4,903.86 rs on the charger. So, what is it exactly that you’re waiting for lad?

Can You Fast Charge iPhone In Car?

From chargers to portable charging, to now Fast Charging – tech enthusiasts have seen it all, right? There are a few ways to fast charge your iPhone while you’re traveling in a car. First things first, and that’s the power bank.


If you have a power bank available at your disposal, or if you want to buy one for an iPhone then just visit our Power Bank collection now. You’ll find a wide range of power banks from 5,000 mAh to even 51,000 mAh.


The more powerful your power bank is, the faster it’ll charge and the longer it’ll last. But sometimes, power banks don’t prove to be the best fit, especially for the busy bees as they’re out and about almost all the time.


So even if you have a 51,000 mAh power bank, it’ll still run out at some point – and you’ll need to recharge it so it can continue to power your devices. But with a car charger, that’s not what you have to worry about at all. And with our M-90 car charger, you can charge your iPhone fast while you’re on the go.

Can A Car Charger Hurt My iPhone?

Not at all.  Smartphone chargers that you can plug right into your car to charge your iPhone do not hurt your iPhone at all. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, Apple has introduced car chargers for iPhone, and one of those is called Mophie.


But it costs around Rs. 5678, which is quite expensive for a charger to cost in Pakistan. And most likely, you’re going to have it imported because it can be quite hard to find such a charger in the country, to begin with. Given that you have to import it, it’ll definitely cost more.


A car charger cannot hurt your iPhone, so here’s what you can do instead: Order a smartphone car charger that can be plugged right into your car. And get a charging cable for your iPhone along with the charger as well.


With our Dual USB Car Charger, you can plug your iPhone charging cable into the car charger itself and enjoy headache-free iPhone charging. And our M-90 Car Charger is available just for Rs. 775 – It’s too budget-friendly.

Let’s Wrap It Up…

While the idea of a car charger hurting an iPhone may be funny to many, however, iPhone users know that the fear is real. So this blog post basically was here to tell you that you can use a car charger for your iPhone as it’s completely safe.


The real question, however, was which one to use, especially when you’re in Pakistan. Buying an iPhone car charger can get expensive for consumers in Pakistan because of higher tariff charges. It happens to almost all the pieces of technology that are imported to the country.


So, the solution? Just get a Dual Port Car Charger from Dany Technologies for as little as rs. 775. For that price, affordability is so real that you can almost touch it, smell it, feel it. Plus, the dual port charger allows you to plug in your iPhone charging cable – saving you from spending enormous amounts of money on buying an iPhone car charger.


The beauty of shopping online with Dany Technologies is not only the fact that you get to enjoy affordability. In fact, we let our customers, our people, enjoy free shipping, a 7-day return (in case the product doesn’t work out), and a full-year warranty. That way, our customers are well-protected 360°.

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