Air Cool Water Spray fan

Presenting the innovative solution of your daily heat waves. It is a rechargeable portable fan that can perfectly comfort you with an unstoppable solution of strong and cool wind gives you refreshing feel because it is water spray fan.

Portable Fan Features

With all the comforting values it has so many additional innovative features that will perfectly gauge your attention to grab this product.

It has 4 blades that will give you the strong & cool wind with an extra value addition it has water splash that will immaculate you and refresh you. Moreover, it has control button to give your hands the proper control that you want because it has three gears adjustment to perfectly satisfy your needs.

In addition, you can also remove the base and attach as per your requirements. You can place your fan or tablets on the basement of fan. You can enjoy watching your favorite thing and enjoy the perfect cooling splash wind simultaneously.


  • Four blades
  • Strong & Cool wind
  • Control button
  • One hand operation
  • Three gears
  •  Shock resistance
  • Water spray
  • Water capacity (20ml)
  • Height: approximately 10 inch
  • Light weight
  • Input Voltage 5v
  • Output Power 3w
  • Battery li-on 1200mAh
  •  Battery backup 2-8 hrs
  •  Net weight 250g
  • Charging Input Micro USB
  • 1ST Gear Cool wind 3.7 hrs
  • 2nd gear 2.5 hrs
  • 3rd gear 1.8 hrs

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