Powerbank PB-41

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Are you asking for perfect portable powerbank that provide safe backup power and matches ideally with your cell-phone or tablet? DANY is always ready to solve your dilemma at all levels, this PB-41 ultra-slim designed portable powerbank with unique high performance features is fully-prepared to charge all kinds of mobile phone or tablet in one go. This 4000mAh power bank transfers extra power potential to cellphone or tablet battery for long battery backup. The performance of this powerbank is remarkable as it can charge two Bar/Smartphones in single full charge capacity. This portable powerbank contains one Micro USB cables with one I-phone connector, this portable power is fully certified under quality check department, it possess the capacity to charge two phones and also enhances battery performance by charging up to 130%. The LED indicator show user about battery’s output, it’s 165g body weight with 128x62.5x8.5mm size allow user to place this or take this anywhere. 

Sleek Powerbank with 4000 mAh

Double USB port

User is allowed to charge two cellphones or tablet at single time


Battery Capacity 

It has 4000mAh power capacity.



The power bank is able to charge two bar/smart phones battery.  



The powerbank or mobile phone is charge with Micro-USB charge cable.



The power bank is fully certified under quality performance check.



The powerbank is capable to charge two phones.


Increase capability 

Each charge of powerbank enhances your battery life stage up to 130%


Battery Indicator 

The LED status indicator show user about battery output level (Low or High).

 Powerbank PB-41
 Powerbank PB-41

Dany Powerbank

Power that you can Trust!


Available in 3 Elegant Colors

The ideal power bank is the right choice
Keep mobile phones and tablets fully charged up to 130% battery with your PB-42 Powerbank. This power bank comes in two royal colors; Silver, Gold and Rose gold.    

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