Power Drive PD-220

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 Dany technologies  torch shaped PD-220 is equipped with American charging technology which quickly charge your mobile phones and tablet, as it is compatible with i-phone, i-pad , i-pod, Samsung smartphones and tablets and most devices with a USB charging cable. This fast power drive is equipped with two charging slots, one for fast charging & other for normal charging whereas it’s fast charging slot charges your device quickly up to 75 percent extra than other ordinary chargers. When it’s about normal 2.1 Amp charging slot, it charges two mobile phone simultaneously. Simply plug in your original mobile or tablet charger cable (cable not included) in power drive and experience its power output.  


American charging Technology 

It is equipped with American charging technology.


Dual USB Port 

It consists of double USB ports, one with fast charging slot and other with normal charging slot. The normal charging slot has capacity to charge two devices simultaneously in one go.


Fast Charger

It can quickly charge any device with its fast charging power slot.


Elegant Design 

It’s compact and low profile elegant design enhances its overall features.


Light Indicator

The light indicator indicates user about the battery charging status.


Input Voltage

DC 12-24 V. 


Output Voltage

DC5V/2.1A,DC9V/1.67 A, DC12V/1.25 A.



It has dual USB ports.


 Power Drive PD-220
 Power Drive PD-220


Charge 75% faster than other ordinary chargers.


Torch shaped power drive.

 This white torch shaped power drive especially designed for all smart phones and tablet devices. 


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